Farewell flowers

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Mindful and natural funeral flowers, created with care and respect in a 'just gathered from the garden style' and designed to reflect the personality of a life.  

I offer unique funeral flowers, thoughtfully created to celebrate the character and personality of beloved individuals.  

Design, flowers and foliage will be carefully chosen following conversations with you, not from images in a catalogue.  

Flowers will be gathered from British and local flower growers whenever possible and will reflect the season.

The choice of flowers, foliage and herbs, will be carefully discussed with you, and I would encourage flowers from your loved one's garden to be included, or flowers that you know they had a particular fondness of.  Perhaps they had a favourite flower, perhaps they had a particular floral print that they loved, maybe they loved the scent of something in particular.  I will listen to your thoughts, and together create a truly unique flower farewell, as unique as the individuals we all are.

I care for our environment and endeavour to only use biodegradable, reusable, recycled, recyclable materials.  I do not create floral tributes using flower foam, which is made up of microplastics. 

Instead, I use wire or natural bases for my wreaths and recycled or biodegradable containers as a base for casket sprays, along with moss, twine and chicken wire.

All the floral tributes I create can be fully biodegradable, suitable for natural burials.

Please find below the types of funeral flowers I offer, along with prices.

(Photos are for illustration of tribute style only.  All floral tributes are individually created)

Hand tied farewell sheaf

A gently elegant, flat- backed, textural bouquet.  

Carefully gathered to give volume and structure when lain on the coffin.

Suitable for natural burials


​Standard - appx 70cm, from £75

Large - appx 90cm, from £105

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Casket spray

A double ended casket spray to gracefully lie on the top of the coffin.

The spray sits on either a recycled/recyclable, or fully biodegrade base.

Suitable for natural burials

Length 2ft - from £110

Length 3ft - from £165

Length 4ft - from £220

Length 5ft - from £275

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Farewell wreath

A moss based wreath, dressed fully with seasonal, sentimental flowers, foliage and herbs, gathered and designed in a 'just picked from the garden style.

The moss base sits on a recyclable wire ring, or a biodegradable base.

Suitable for natural burials

Standard - 30cm, from £55

Large - 45cm, from £75

(Dressed sizes may vary due to flowers and base used)

Farewell heart wreath

A delicate and gentle floral tribute in a heart shape.

Hearts can be fully biodegradable made with just natural material or sat on a wired metal base with moss for a fuller shape.

This wreath can be partially dressed with a garland to the side or the bottom of the heart. Or dressed fully like a circular wreath.

Suitable for natural burials

Standard - 30cm, from £30 partially dressed

Large - 45cm, from £45 partially dressed

Standard - 30cm, from £55 fully dressed

Large - 45cm, from £80 fully dressed

(Sizes may vary due to the flowers and base used)

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